How Much Does My Business Qualify For?

  1. There are different variables when underwriting a loan for a business on how much they would qualify for. With our programs a business usually will qualify for 5%-15% of the annual gross sales.

Will You Do a Hard or Soft Pull When I Apply?

  1. We do a in house soft pull to see where your credit score sits at, so we know exactly which lender will give you the best deal possible.
  2. A Hard pull will be required with our more traditional programs such as SBA 7(a), CRE, and Term Loans.
  3. We also work with lenders that only do soft pulls so your credit score would not be affected.

What Paperwork is needed to Apply for a Small Business Loan?

  1. This answer does vary depending on where you’re applying. If going to a bank for a small business loan expect a mountain of paperwork when applying. In fact, the average bank loan application takes approximately 30 hours to complete.
  2. If you decide to apply with Impetus Management, expect the amount of paperwork to be downsized tremendously. All is needed is our One page application, 3-6 months of an active Business Bank Account Statements.

How Much Do Your Services Costs?

  1. There is absolutely no charge for you to apply through Impetus Management and find your best options.

Is Impetus Management a Direct Lender?

  1. No, we are not a direct lender. Impetus Management is a online lending marketplace, we simply connect the borrowers and lenders. Think of us as the Quicken Loans for Business Financing.